Children Learn How to Save Lives

Children Learn How to Save Lives

‘Children can save lives’ is a training project offered by ABC Life support. The training aims to trach children different life saving techniques. EMT Andrea Yacab is an adjunct instructor. She explains why it is important to teach children these skills. 

Andrea Yacab, Instructor, ABC Life Support: “It’s an initiative we’re trying to do every summer. Something for the kids to learn. It’s called Kids Can Save a Life too. In these short courses the kids will learn the basic things in first aid in case of any emergency how to assist. It’s an initiative like I said we’ve been trying to do for the past couple years and it’s something that has been pushing forward. So the kids would literally spend half day in classes teaching the basic thing in life in order to help someone.”

Reporter: What are some of those basic things ? 

Andrea Yacab, Instructor, ABC Life Support:  “Okay the basic thing they learn exactly is how to open an airway, how to move somebody in case of emergency, and they learn how to stop bleeding and they’re gonna have a short demonstration on choking and how to do CPR. Hopefully if we have more sponsorship we move on and we do it in the Cayo district and doing it we have two weeks so it’s something we did over the summer but we had a demand for it over the Easter holiday so here we are doing Kids can Save a Life Too.”

Reporter: How can someone get their kids involved and why should they get their kids involved ? 

Andrea Yacab, Instructor, ABC Life Support: “Well okay in order to get your kids involved in these sessions you could look for us on Facebook ABC Life Support and the reason why kids need to learn something is that majority of the times that you have an emergency as an EMT I’ve seen that the parents get hurt and guess who is at home ? The kids but they’re not sure what to do but I guarantee after a little class like this they will surely know what to do in order to help you guys at home.”

Two participants, Mycah and Grant Khyrin Robinson explained what he has learned. 

Mycah Grant, Participant: “I’m here because I want to learn how to save people.”

Reporter: What have you learned so far? 

Mycah Grant, Participant: “So far I’ve learned how to stop somebody from choking, I’ve learned how to open the airway which is the same thing. I’ve learned the situational dangers like for instance in a situation where you can’t really go in and help the person like a situation with a bee attack you would want to go and call help and then after you call the people to help then they come and clear up the situation with the bees then you could come and help.”

Reporter: Why should kids take this training ? 

Mycah Grant, Participant:  “People should take this training because it’s very educational and this could prepare you for any situation where this could happen. It could happen at home, it could happen anywhere.”

Reporter: What’s your favorite part so far ?

Mycah Grant, Participant: “My favorite part is when we were writing notes about the situational dangers and where you’d call. We wrote down a number and that was my favorite part, when we were writing the notes.”

Kyhrin Robinson, Participant: “If the person is okay or what to do. First you check if they are breathing then you check if they are bleeding and then you check their pulse and if they’re not breathing you start CPR.”

Reporter: And why should kids take this training ? 

Kyhrin Robinson, Participant: “To save lives.”

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