CWU and the PBL are back at the negotiating table

CWU and the PBL are back at the negotiating table

Tonight, the CWU and the PBL remain at odds; however, steps are being made to hash out the issue, according to the Union and GOB. The parties and the Ministry of Labor met earlier today and the CWU was able to resubmit its proposal. The PBL has pledged to look over the proposal and will be responding after a decision has been made. In the meantime, the CWU says it’s sticking with its one gang one ship system, which is outlined in their Collective Bargaining Agreement. CWU President, Evan Mose Hyde, says that the union is now hoping to be compensated by the port for the loss in revenue suffered by the stevedores when the sugar ships took their business down south.

blankMose Hyde, President, Christian Workers Union: “I can’t say much about the back and forth because they have asked us to be very anti media. I notice the attorney is right there monitoring everything I say. We will respect that request as long as the other side respects it. Obviously if their position changes then you will hear a lot more about the two hours. I think no matter what the back and forth were it is a good sign we were able to sit down and there’s been a timeline given for certain responses to happen and we look forward to coming back around the table very soon. That is what we have expressed to the PBL management and that is what we have expressed to the Ministry of Labour. We have a meeting, we have been called into a meeting this afternoon by the Port Authority and then we have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the Chamber of Commerce. We want to thank the Chamber of Commerce for making themselves available to meet with our team, to hear our position. We understand Chamber’s role and what they represent but we still feel like we have to participate in these discussions but I can’t speak to what the details were. Of course we have called out the Ministry of Labor so we have to say respect that they have participated, the minister, the CEO, the entire team was her,  respect. Operationally again we don’t know for a fact we know what our position is that right now we are abiding by the CBA.” 

Hyde also stated that while the CWU’s members are frustrated and feel that the PBL is not being transparent, the union remains open to negotiations.

Mose Hyde, President, Christian Workers Union:  “Because of our obligations to our members, obligations to the public obviously we cannot take a position that our feelings we get hurt and you know because of that we won’t show up. We have to show up that’s our duty.” 

Reporter: Anything from the shipping agent? I know that they have had to exercise a whole lot of patience and they are losing out too. 

Mose Hyde, President, Christian Workers Union:Again, we’ve had a couple back-channel conversations. We are obviously willing at any point in time to speak and for the shipping agents to- we have communicated certain things to them, they have expressed their concerns to us. We are aware of the fact that they are monitoring these conversations, monitoring this meeting and what happens next very closely but at this point in time we can only do what we can do and that is to commit ourselves to be available whenever a meeting is called. We have given the LC and her team a blank check, call us anytime.”

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