Eruption Nightclub Owners Charged

Eruption Nightclub Owners Charged

Love News has received reports that law enforcement authorities have submitted recommendations for Eruption Nightclub in Ladyville to the shutdown. This comes after ACP Alden Dawson told reporters earlier in the week that investigators would be looking into the establishment after it was discovered that a minor was allowed to enter the club. That minor was drugged and raped. 25-year-old Michael Llewellyn Flowers was charged with rape. While no plea was taken, Flowers told the magistrate that sex was consensual. ACP Dawson told the press on Monday that if it is proven that the minor was inside the club, a request to have the club’s liquor license pulled will be made. In its defence, Eruption Nightclub stated that “the club does not encourage underage drinking nor allow minors within the establishment. We do our best to prevent these situations by providing the best security, and by abiding by the law at all times. We have been vigilant in ensuring minors are not allowed in the establishment; unfortunately, the leniency that we have had with our customers has created some issues for the establishment.” (end of quote) Kenneth Sterling Junior is the security at the club and he was there on the night of the incident. He spoke to Love News. 

Kenneth Sterling Jr, Security, Eruption Nightclub: “First of all if you notice the age range of people, the looks have changed and if you really watch school parades and so you notice the age range change and I watch the parades. So sometimes when they come to the club people fix up with makeup everything and when they fix up with that fancy dress or whatever and makeup it’s not every time that you get somebody that you see is a minor or whatever but we try our best to get everyone and I personally ask people for their ID. As you look young we gotta do what we gotta do so I talk to the cashier, I talk to the female security as well to make sure they do their part. So like what I said, on those nights we have too many people so sometimes you have to be more vigilant and check more. So like I said like the young lady – they haven’t really showed me which one like I told you these people are coming out looking like adults. So for that night in particular a young lady was outside that stayed outside because she looked young and the people tried to get her in tried their best and I told them no ID no entrance. You can’t call somebody home no entrance. You can’t call and get a picture at least of your ID.”

Reporter: So in this case you’re saying you didn’t check for an ID because she didn’t look like a minor.

Kenneth Sterling Jr, Security, Eruption Nightclub: “Yeah because it’s not only me that does the checking. The female does her part as well so at the same time we don’t really know the exact time so that’s what I can say.”

Late this evening, Love News confirmed that 51-year-old Hector Choj, and 44-year-old Mirna Portillo, both managers of Eruption Nightclub, were criminally charged. They were charged “admitting a person under 18 years of age being a 17 year old female minor.”


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