KHMHA CEO Says Union Members Will Not Be “Anecdote:

KHMHA CEO Says Union Members Will Not Be “Anecdote:

Responding to the KHMHA Workers Union’s claims is KHMHA CEO, Chandra Nisbet-Cansino. She clarified today that it was agreed that union members and staff who participate in industrial action will not be reprimanded in any sort of way. She explained that this was assured to President Baird yesterday. 

blankChandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “Remember yesterday we didn’t know what the union’s plan is. We get a little information here and there so usually the supervisors will respond to whatever policy issues that may arise and that includes the dress policy issue and so indeed before Mr.Baird called me to tell me that they were going to proceed with the casual day I call it some what they call anecdotes which is like an acknowledgment that you have violated the dress code it’s like a first kind of warning. We met with the union in the morning and I did give my word to Mr.Baird and the executive that whatever anecdotes are written would not go on the staff’s file for that day simply because well we are just familiarizing ourselves with what is going on and you know the past president also said well you know you have to prepare staff that if you will come and do action you now they might get some anecdotes and we would have to deal with those. So I gave my word on that. Apparently afterwards some persons still received anecdotes and so Mr.Baird called me after the meeting and he mentioned to me. I said don’t worry I already gave you my word that those anecdotes would not go on the personal files and so that is essentially what happened and that still applies up until today.”

Reporter: When did he call you ? 

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “He called me after the meeting with the members.”

Reporter: That was yesterday ?

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA:Yes”

Reporter: Because this morning he had mentioned that your attitude and the management’s attitude had changed which is why they would continue their industrial plan.

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “Well our attitude has been the same one of partnership, one of trying to solve this issue and so for me nothing changed that is still our position.”

Reporter: What exactly is an anecdote ? It’s a written warning ? A memo ?

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “It’s an acknowledgment of staff that you violated. It’s not something that can lead to any serious disciplinary action like the first phase of the disciplinary process. 

Reporter: And this has been communicated with Mr.Baird because it seems that the union is still steadfast in holding industrial action against the management of the KHMHA.

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “Well we discussed that in the board meeting and I reassured Mr.Baird that that is not an issue. We have agreed to not put any anecdotes that were issued over the past two days so for me that issue is now behind us.”

Reporter: What if they decide to take that sort of action for a whole month, two months, three months ? 

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMHA: “Right then we’ll have to sit and discuss that along with the union. So like I said we have to take this one day at a time, we don’t know what the long term plan is.”

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