Mother and Children Stabbed in Domestic Abuse

Mother and Children Stabbed in Domestic Abuse

In the Cayo District, a woman was stabbed during a domestic dispute. It happened on Saturday morning in Esperanza Village. At around five-thirty, an argument erupted between 46-year-old Angelita Requena and her common-law husband Michael Williams Sr. During the dispute, Williams grabbed a knife and stabbed Requena several times to her body. Williams then attacked his 16-year-old son Michael Williams Jr and 14-year-old daughter Kia Williams, who both received stab wounds to their head, chest, and body. Senior Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero provided additional details. 

Sr.Supt. Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Eastern Division: “Three persons received stab wound injuries. They were taken to the hospital and one of the victims was further taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where she is admitted in a critical condition. An investigation was carried out. It was determined that Angelita Requena,  46 years,  had a domestic dispute with her common-law Michael Williams who inflicted the stab injuries to three of them. An investigation was carried out. Michael Williams was detained and he has since been charged with three counts of attempt murder. They had a domestic dispute that is what lead to the stabbing.”

Michael Williams

After Williams had attacked Requena and her children, neighbours were alerted of what happened and quickly took the victims to the hospital. Cayo Correspondent Eliu Yacab spoke to the victims’ neighbour about the tragic ordeal.

Voice of Neighbor: “Apparently a little young girl, my neighbor, went and knocked on my door and asked for assistance for her family if we could call the police, the police and ambulance to come and take her mom to the hospital because there was an incident involving a stabbing up and three of them got injured in the incident. Upon coming across from my house after the young girl knocked on my door and I came across I saw her mom on the floor in front of the house outside toward the bathroom lying in a pool of blood. The owner from the shop took the young girl and the young boy to the nearest hospital in San Ignacio.”

Voice of Family Member: “We received a call that my niece in Esperanza was stabbed multiple times she and her kids and we went to the Belmopan Hospital where they were transported and the little girl is in critical condition, the mother is in stable condition and the little boy her son is recovering at this time. We are hoping that you say a prayer for us, we are asking the country to say a prayer for them so they can fully recover.”

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