New Housing Development to start in Belize District

New Housing Development to start in Belize District

Belizeans across the country and even those in the diaspora can now look for new homeownership opportunities in the Belize District. Goshen Orchids Housing Development is located at Mile 12 ½ on the George Price Highway and the first phase called Regal, is now underway. Sandra McKay is the Managing Director of the development and she explained to Love News that this initial phase, named after her parents, is designed to offer quality homes to Belizeans. 

Sandra McKay, Managing Director, Goshen Orchids: “My mom and my dad had built from scratch self made successful business persons a construction company called H A Williams Construction Company so those who know me a long time ago know me as Sandra Williams. I’m Sandra Williams McKay and to follow in their footsteps and also to continue their legacy of building quality homes and other buildings for this country for individual families and for businesses we always wanted as a family to do this in our retirement years as it were to continue the building construction legacy that my parents started. So we’ve decided, my mom recently passed and she was so excited to see this get off the mark we actually got in the last document to move it ahead days after she passed and we said you know she’s not here, dad is not here but we’re going to memorialize them by naming the first phase of the development after them. Her middle name is Regina hence the REG behind me in regal and my dad his middle name is Alexander so REG and then AL for Alexander we have both of them as part and parcel of phase one and regal speaks to what we offer the Belizean public, the diaspora and perhaps persons desirous of living overseas in the offerings in this development.”

McKay adds that there have been expressed interests in new homes, particularly by Belizeans living abroad. She adds that this new development will be able to offer the same services and convenience that those abroad will need. 

Sandra McKay, Managing Director, Goshen Orchids: “There’s a lot of Belizeans living abroad who have expressed to us the desire to come home but to sort of have what they have experienced outside of Belize within Belize and there is no reason why they shouldn’t Belizeans deserve quality living. You know Belizeans deserve this living environment where the standards are upkept, all the homes are well maintained, the grass is cut, the garbage is collected, security is paramount and that’s the market we want to cater to because we have repeatedly heard of that desire. They’re saying that many times you know you buy into your development and you’re hoping for that and you don’t get that. We are going to be supporting the offering of those things with a covenant agreement so that immediately you become a homeowner you sign onto the covenant and therefore the homeowners association will be in place upfront which is unusual for Belize but we believe that putting it in place at the inception is what will ensure that the standards are upkept.”

If you’re interested, call McKay at 610-4282.

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